The Advantages of Contract Employment

Written by: Michelle Zundl | May 2017

Advantages of Contract Employment image

Large companies are embracing the benefits of contract labor at the same time that many job seekers turn to contract employment to enhance their work-life balance, expand their experience and create variety in their work. They are often surprised to discover that temporary work offers numerous other benefits that support their career goals. Veritude associates work at Fidelity Investments in roles ranging from high-level technology to administrative positions and cite numerous advantages including:

  1. Getting Your Foot in the Door:
    Not all job seekers are looking for full-time employment, however for those who are, a temporary position may be a good place to start. A temporary or contract job provides both the job seeker and the potential employer the chance to evaluate each other. If the "fit factor" is good for both parties and the work is available, often an extension or full-time time job offer will result. Although there are no guarantees that a contract job will lead to full-time employment, putting your best foot forward, acquiring new skills and doing great work is always best when it comes to advancing your career.

  2. The Opportunity to Contribute to Multiple Projects:
    A contract position through Veritude provides an opportunity to work on new and exciting projects throughout Fidelity. Through meaningful work, associates can make an immediate impact within the organization, perhaps even spanning several business units. Contractors often inspire fresh and innovative ideas while also being exposed to a wide variety of business challenges. The skills they gain during their assignments can build experience that can be applied to future positions.

    Once a successful contract expires, recruiters quickly work with associates to find new opportunities by leveraging their valuable Fidelity experience

  3. Expanding Your Professional Network
    Contracting at Fidelity is one of the quickest and most effective ways to increase your professional network. Veritude associates often work with multiple clients and stakeholders, building relationships that frequently turn into other contracting positions. Fostering those relationships can be professionally rewarding and open doors to new opportunities, not only at Fidelity, but within other organizations. The connections you make can often ensure your resume gets noticed and you are actually considered for a position, which is important in a labor market flooded with quality applicants.

  4. Developing Your Skills:
    Projects at Fidelity are fast-paced and, typically, team oriented. Through on-the-job experiences, Veritude associates learn quickly from tenured team members and are exposed to a wide range of projects, technologies and other team contributors. This versatile experience helps broaden and strengthen your knowledge base while adding depth to your resume.

  5. Testing a Career:
    Contract positions offer a wonderful opportunity to try out work with a particular company or in a specific department to help determine long-term career goals. Veritude associates experience Fidelity’s overall company culture, as well as the culture within specific business units. This helps contractors gain valuable insights to help them focus on where they can be most successful.

  6. Experiencing Diversity:
    Fidelity Investments promotes an environment of collaboration, innovation and service while celebrating individual differences and unique perspectives. The company offers numerous resources to enrich work-life balance by fostering an environment of mutual respect. Veritude associates are eligible to participate in Fidelity's Employee Resource Groups, such as Fidelity Pride, the Women’s Leadership Group, Latino and Black Employee Resource Group, Fidelity Veteran Employees, Fidelity Enable Resource Group and the Asian Employee Resource Groups.

Many people embrace the flexibility and variety of contract employment. Others are more comfortable with perceived stability of full-time employment. As one temporary employment option, Veritude is able to offer the best of both worlds – corporate stability with Fidelity Investments and the versatility, opportunity, and challenge that comes through an assignment through the Veritude program. To learn more, explore opportunities at Veritude.