Celebrating 30 Years Serving Fidelity

Written by: Doug Orciani | December 2016

Veritude 30the anniversary

Today, more than 2,000 Veritude associates work at Fidelity Investments in roles ranging from IT and business consulting to administrative support. Annually, approximately 2,000 Fidelity managers rely on Veritude to source and manage temporary talent needed to achieve business objectives.

Veritude originated back in 1986 when Fidelity was one of the first major U.S. companies to recognize the importance of contingent labor. Fidelity established an in-house temporary administrative workforce company (originally named TempWorks) and expanded four years later to serve the need for temporary technical and professional talent for the company.

In 2000, Fidelity Capital (now Devonshire Investors) decided to share its temporary staffing expertise with other companies through a new entity. Veritude was selected as the name for the new company, combining the Fidelity commitment to trust and truth (Veritas) with the determined attitude of a forward-thinking start-up. While continuing to meet Fidelity's temporary staffing needs, Veritude also provided mid-to-large sized corporations with on-site expertise to manage temporary employment.

In 2010, a strategic decision was made to return Veritude to its core business of providing high-quality, cost-effective contingent labor exclusively to Fidelity. This "one client, one focus" approach, would allow Veritude to anticipate and quickly respond to Fidelity's changing workforce needs.

Throughout the past 30 years, Veritude and its forerunners, have helped Fidelity manage variable workforce needs through a wide range of economic conditions. Today, Veritude continues to evolve to strategically meet Fidelity's need for contingent labor. The company is currently focused on expanding its technology consulting capability to meet the increasing demand for skilled consultants in agile services, big data, application development and other IT areas. To learn about our opportunities, please visit